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This section contains articles, extracts and comments on:  different ways to address health and wellness needs (during periods of major social change and upheaval) of many population-groups with limited financial resources in the third world.  Contributors include people with backgrounds in

  • western medicine and public health;
  • library and information technology programs;
  • literacy and extension programs / adult education

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Credits - Authors & Photo Journalists

Contributors to this section initially have had extensive experience in working in the South Pacific, in particular Papua New Guinea in the areas of public health, literacy development, library program and staff development as well as basic village level service development.

We thank the support and cooperation of the following people and organizations for letting us republish or quote from their materials, as well from their own personal writings and photo collections.

  • Dr. John Evans, currently with the University of Papua New Guinea, Library Studies Dept. John is the managing publisher of www.pngbuai.com a research level special collection of articles and book extracts on Papua New Guinea 1999-2004 [originally funded by Canada's IDRC International Development Research Corporation, ie part of Canada's government foreign aid system]
  • Dr. Quentin Reilly, MD, a former public health officer of Manus Island and currently involved with grass roots development in Kali, on the west coast of Manus.
    Dr. Reilly is a regular contributor to www.manusisland.com
  • Dr. Angela Phillip, currently with Brooks-Oxford University in the U.K. ; served for some years in Papua New Guinea with the Dept of Extension Studies,University of Papua New Guinea see her article on The reading habit - a missing link between literacy and libraries
  • Marsha Berman, Photo-Journalist, and regular contributor to www.pngbuai.com

Kali - "Nails" fund raising for shelter construction project and insight development projects for ethics building in turbulent times [reprint 2004.06.12]

| 2004 PNG Social Commentary  | Ethics BuildingShelter Building & Nails - Fundraising |

Report by:  Quentin Reilly, MD, Manus Island, June 2004
reprinted fr. ManusIsland.com with permission fr. author

"Papua New Guinea is in a state of change and some social upheaval as old mores and customs disappear and new ones are taken on.  This has resulted in a degeneration of social behavior in town areas and an increase of violence. Unfortunately those who have come from areas with more aggressive ways of life had had a greater influence in the towns than people who have come from more peaceful cultures.  It should be remembered that there are some 800 different language and culture groupings in PNG ranging from the peaceful 'pacific islands'style' to the highlands warrior style where being aggressive and gaining much as possible was the norm.  Fortunately Manus is far north of the mainland of PNG and the large towns and it remains the most peaceful province in the country.

I have begun a program to strengthen ethics by promoting insight in these times of social change.  to do this I have produced a radio program called Dharma Toktok, booklets and books and held workshops on meditation.  I also counsel and advise on social and medical situations and see patients.

I have also started a bank account for the use of the people of Kali Island in the Manus Province to assist with the shelter program there.  This account is administered by the local community government member, Mr Linus Maan, together with the pre-school teacher and another member of the community. Accurate annual statements of receipts and expenditures are made.

The money in the account is presently being used to buy nails to assist with dwelling constructions. It is hoped that in future roofing iron might be purchased.  Kali is at the western end of Manus Island, some 80 kilometers from the main town of Lorengau where there are shops and communication and general government facilities. The people of the area are monetarily poor subsistence farmers and fishermen. Economic projects are difficult in the area bacause of its remoteness.

If anyone would like to give assistance to this project they could contribute to the Kali Buddhist Halivim Account at the Bank of the South Pacific, Lorengau, Manus Island Branch, account number: 1000 753870.


Quentin Reilly, author of the above report is a content contributor, ie. photos and articles, to ManusIsland.com.  In the 1970's Quentin worked as the medical officer for Manus and has since then formed attachments with the people of Manus.  As a health consultant he has visited many Pacific islands and South East Asian countries over the past 30 years, and volunteers energy and resources in helping people at the grass-roots level to better develop their own resources. [June 2004]

For a introduction to the area of Kali, in western Manus Island, read a travel oriented also by the same writer at www.manusisland.com/local-level/kali/kali-intro.html

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N.B. the inclusion of text from Dr. Q. Reilly, Md (Australia & Manus Island); Dr. J. Evans (University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, PNG) and Dr. A. P. , at Brooks-Oxford, UK is with permission of the authors. Their contributions to this web site nor does it imply the endorsement of this web site by the organizations for which they are affiliated with, teach at, or work for.
- N. Chan, MSW, publications coordinator for this section of Onwellness.info 040522

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  • Photo of music therapists at work in a residential long term care facility in downtown Vancouver, BC, collection of Y.Orosa, Music Therapy and Social Work Consultant, recently returned from London, UK work with the British health care system.
  • Elementary school children participate in a demonstration of music therapy activities by Vancouver long term care facility, directed by Y.Orosa, MT.
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