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Basic Primary Prevention:  A review of recent advances in knowledge on "the body’s response to stress and the relationship to the development of chronic disease" [published April 2007]

Author:  Quentin Reilly, MBBS, DPH, MPH, FRACMA, FAFPHM, FACTM,
Specialist Medical Consultant, presently - 2007 - Medical Adviser, Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Control, Northern Area, Queensland Health, Australia


Over recent years there has been great progress in the scientific knowledge of health and well being and the body’s response to stress and the relationship to the development of chronic disease.

Interactions and interdependency exist between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems in response to the social environment.

This paper reviews this progress and sets out the action that can be taken to improve well being using basic primary prevention activities.

This article is published on this site by Dr. Quentin Reilly 2007.04.09 read article here

Health and Happiness:  The medical power of positive thinking is getting closer scrutiny

"People have emphasised the importance of exercise and diet but emotions and feelings also greatly affect health.  The well being of mind and body are closely interlinked.  Much of the recent medical research on this relationship has been done in America." [Q. Reilly MD, Specialist Medical Officer, PNG/Australia and writer of 'How to stay healthy and happier']


"Could a smile a day really keep the doctor away? Researchers are seeking better understanding of the links between health and happiness." [The Futurist Jan-Feb 2004 p.10]


Health Promotion:  the meaning and aetiology of "health"

Health promotion | Health: meaning and aetiology | Health: the positive dimension

Health promotion is a controversial concept-it means different things to different people.  This is not surprising since the notion of health itself is open to many interpretations.  The definition of health embodied in the Constitution of the World Health Organization (1946) confirmed that health is not just the absence of disease and infirmity.  It is also concerned with positive well being and has mental and social as well as physical dimensions.[emphasis added]  Although there is a temptation for medical practitioners to dismiss such preoccupations with well being as vague philosophizing, medicine cannot, and should not, discard these broader concerns.  For instance, the notion of tertiary prevention has traditionally acknowledged that medicine should aim to maximize the quality of life of those it cannot cure.  There is also increasing evidence that life expectancy, in addition to well being, can be influenced by a number of "positive" individual and social attributes.  For instance, the notion of 'social capital' is currently very popular with health policy-makers-it is argued that a high level of social capital supports health through giving access to a range of social networks which provide support and foster a sense of social connectedness.  People will be healthier if they feel they are in control of their lives and that their lives are meaningful and make sense emotionally-in other words, they have a 'sense of coherence'.  The central concern of health promotion should be not only to add years to life but life to years!

Determinants of health

Whether health is defined as the absence of disease or as a broader more holistic state, it is widely agreed that four major factors determine the extent to which people are or are not healthy. ... [following text taken from graphic figure in article]

  • Lifestyle as health factor:  Lifestyle as it relates to Social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions
  • Health and Medical Services:  Services as they relate to Social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions
  • Social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions:  Conditions as they directly relate to health
  • Health:  as it becomes a factor in Genetic Influence

Traditionally, the individual's lifestyle has been the main target of health education-together with exhortations to make proper use of medical services.  The current view is that the environment in which we live, work, and play has the most powerful influence, either directly or through the mediation of individuals' behaviour.  Accordingly, the most effective health promotion strategies are those that modify the environment to make it safer and more health-enhancing and, most important of all, those which tackle the social and economic factors that cause health inequalities. Environmental circumstances may make it more or less easy for individuals to adopt healthy behaviours.  For this reason a central concern for health promotion is to go beyond merely providing education about healthy choices. lt. should provide a supportive environment such that the 'healthy choice becomes the easy choice'.  Of course, changing the environment often requires substantial changes in public policy and associated political action^ Health promotion is therefore considered to include both health education and 'healthy public policy'.

[cited from article-section by Keith Tones and Jackie Green in Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Fourth Edition Vol.1 2003, ISBN 0-19-262922-0 (three vol set), Oxford University Press pp.64-67]


WELLNESS - noun "... the quality or state of being in good health  [ a clinic designed to promote ~ ] "
[ from Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary 1986 ISBN 0-8779-025-6 p.768 ]

HEALTH - noun 1.  the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly : the state of being sound in body or mind .... esp. freedom from physical disease and pain [nursed him back to ~]
  2.  the condition of an organism with respect to the performance of the vital function esp. as evaluated subjectively or nonprofessionally [how is your ~ today]"
[ Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary p.283 ]

HEALTHY - adjective
"1.  enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit
  2.  revealing a state of health [a ~ complexion]
  3.  conducive to health"
(Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary p.283)

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